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Radio Broadcasting, Music and Audio:

This technology is perfect for:

  • Product/Event Launches
  • Streaming Live Music/Sport Broadcasts
  • Exhibition Programmes
  • Packaging & Point of Sale
  • Brochures & Direct Mailers
  • Magazine Inserts


We were the first to put audio into print and we've been leading the way ever since. From single-note melodies to fully orchestrated songs, from custom-made voiceover recordings to self-programmable chips, we deliver just what our clients want to hear: audio marketing solutions that increase brand awareness.

Live Streaming Radio In Your Print

Broadcast to your audience live from the printed page. The new Live Streaming Radio allows you to deliver the hottest radio station directly to the readers of any print collateral.
A perfect technology to enliven and extend your advertising message for a product/event launch, live sporting event, special promotion or sweepstakes or simply to stream live music.
Module is preset to one AM or FM station during manufacturing and can be activated by slide tongue or push button.
San Francisco 49ers Audio Invite
The San Francisco 49ers sent personalised invitations to fans and patrons to raise awareness and increase excitement for the upcoming season.
See the case study here.
The world is live, now your print cant be too.
Print House is the Exclusive Distributor of Americhip® Video-in-Print® and Multisensory products in New Zealand & South Pacific Islands.
Video-in-Print® Technology Powered by Americhip. U.S. Patent # 5,275,285 & other U.S. and Worldwide patents pending.