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The applications for Video-in-Print® and Multisensory products are limited only by your imagination!

Engage, Influence and Motivate your Target Audience

8 panel video screen

8 Panel Video Screen

To make a statement, to divide a room. To show a beautiful landscape or a succession of images. For trade shows, lobbies, restaurants, or anywhere to communicate on a large scale. At 173 inches wide and 90 inches high, this screen has a very distinct presence. It runs hours of video - one extended image across all eight panels or up to eight individual videos. Wood and metal construction with customizable fabric. From entertaining hotel guests to diners in a restaurant, we work with you to deliver the most compelling custom displays.

The Large Media Screen makes a statement, indeed: "Stop and watch."

• Trade shows
• Lobbies
• Restaurants
• Anywhere to communicate on a large scale!


Conferences, Seminars and Expo's

Create a buzz at your next conference, seminar or expo with these creative and innovative concepts.

• Menus
• Lanyards
• Diaries/Portfolios
• Door Hangers
• Audio Pocket Players
• Custom-made and branded kiosks

Door HangerDoor HangerMenu

VIP®and Multisensory Specialty

Urban Decay packaging Specialty packaging and product replicas can incorporate video, texture, lights, audio, pop-up effects and more. Create the wow factor for your products and giveaways with embedded video or a combination of multisensory features.
Speciality VIP® packaging ensures continued after sales communication, furthering your marketing opportunity.
  • Menus
  • Calendars
  • Lanyards
  • Diaries/Portfolios
  • Packaging
ShoeDesk TiempieceRing BoxNokia Packaging

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